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Latest in The Heart of Texas Series

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A public scandal. An unexpected pregnancy. Good thing this bull rider isn’t easily thrown.  

The one thing Lauren Avery wants is the one thing she can’t buy—a child of
her own. With her messy divorce still fodder for the gossip rags and her father’s political campaign heating up, Lauren’s shocked to find that one careless night with a sexy bull rider might just turn out to be the best mistake she’s ever made.

Professional bull rider, Cash Rodriquez has loved Lauren since high school, but she’s always been out of his reach and out of his league—something a drunken trip to the front seat of his truck can never change. But when a picture of Lauren, pregnant in Somewhere, goes viral, Cash can’t help but wonder if his worst nightmare—fatherhood—has just come true.

The Lonesome Cowboy is the fifth installment in a gripping contemporary romance series. If you like gut-wrenching emotional love stories, fascinating and complex characters, and happily-ever-afters that are worth fighting for, then you’ll devour KC Klein’s latest story of love and redemption that’s guaranteed to stay with you long after you close the book.



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  1. Danyelle

    Just finished Dark Future, I love this series, as well as the Heart of Texas series. I am moving on to your others,but I can’t wait to see what happens in Breaking Dawn. Thank you for what you do!

    • kcklein

      Thank you so much! Comments like these really make my day and make all the other “not-so-fun” author stuff doable. 🙂

  2. Ashley Bye

    Love love love your first book. I added my email to the list for the second one and can not wait to read it!! You are so talented and such an amazing author!

  3. Ash

    I just finished reading To Buy A Wife.. It’s 3:45 a.m. I couldn’t stop reading. I have been lucky to have read so many great books lately… But this has me speechless. You have to sign me onto your newsletter.

    • kcklein

      Thanks Ash, that’s the best comment I’v heard all day. I’ll be sure to add you to my newsletter. Keep a look out in you inbox for your free ebooks I send out as a thank you. I hope you start To Keep A Wife soon. FYI, the 4th and final book of the series “Breaking Dawn” should be released late this year. Comments like these really encourage me to keep going. 🙂

  4. Vinita Hayes

    I searched another author on Amazon n found several of ur freebies. I downloaded To buy A Wife n Texas Wide Open already. Just joining ur newsletter. However, in ur synopsis for To buy A Wife, it does mention that the second book in the series would be free.

    • kcklein

      Hi Vinita,

      Thank you for letting me know that Texas Wide Open is now free. Since this is with a publisher I wasn’t made aware. To Buy A Wife is free and the second book is free when you join my newsletter mailing list. The book gets sent as a attachment in the welcome letter. Thanks for finding me and contacting me.
      Also, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “I searched another author on Amazon n found several of ur freebies.” Did another author have my books or did you mean you just searched on Amazon? Any information would be appreciated.

      Thank you
      KC Klein

  5. Barbara Embry

    I downloaded both books (To Buy a Wife and To Keep a Wife) from Amazon and found that they are the same book. To Buy a Wife opens to book 2 content. I am not sure where to find book 1.

    • kcklein

      Thank you Barbara for letting me know. I updated the book with the correct file and it should be good now. Thank you so much.

    • kcklein

      Well, I have good news Lennie. Part 2 of the book is FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. When you put them together it is the length of a full size novel. They were both written for different anthologies, so that is why they are short. Thanks for reading To Buy A Wife and I’m so so glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. 🙂

    • kcklein

      Thank you for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed it. As always, I would love for you to put your comment in a review on your fav platform. It’s one of the best way to support an author you love. Thanks again!

    • kcklein

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I would be so grateful if you wouldn’t mind putting your comments in a review on Amazon. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the next book as well. 🙂

  6. Sian

    Enjoyed Hotter from the edge novellas so much – I bought Dark Future. Now I’m waiting for Dark Future 2!!

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